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Independent professional contest of the AGROSALON innovative machinery

First of all, allow me to present an independent international jury of the AGROSALON Innovative Machinery Contest. The same team of kamikaze was in the epicenter of the background noise that erupted around the Contest.

After all, they were those who have taken responsibility for choosing the best among all submitted applications for the contest. And, we did not meet more diverse nominees. 

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General Info


AGROSALON Exhibition, the Russia International Exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment for agriculture presents the most complete range of machinery and equipment that incorporates the latest developments and achievements of the agro-industrial complex. Undoubtedly, we need special attention innovative developments that allow casting a look into the future and imaging the agricultural sector of tomorrow. Such an event - a competition of AGROSALON’s innovative machinery. Experts-members of the Competition Committee are known as experts in the industry who have long experience and appropriate qualification.


1. Participation Requirements

Any company that has appropriately registered as AGROSALON 2022 Exhibitor shall be eligible to participate in the Innovative agricultural machinery Contest. Contest participation comes as a nonmandatory affair with no financial commitments being attached. Contest participants shall strictly follow all the regulations of the present Terms and Conditions Provision and respect the participation rules in the AGROSALON 2022 Exhibition.

2. Qualification Requirements

Innovative machinery, equipment and developments, designed to be used for agribusiness-related tasks that correspond to the thematic section of the AGROSALON 2022 Exhibition are eligible to participate in the Contest.

Demo samples of equipment that are submitted for the Contest shall be operable and scheduled to be put on line in the course of 2022-2023. Machinery or equipment that is already present on the market must be technological novelties of the company.

All products nominated for the Contest must be displayed at the AGROSALON 2022 Exhibition.

Machinery and equipment that is unrelated to the thematic section of AGROSALON 2022 shall not be nominated for the contest.

3. Dates and Deadlines

Contest applications shall be filed in by June 1, 2022.

Full-time meeting of the jury June 30, 2022.

Contest results are to be announced in Jule 11, 2022.

Awarding ceremony is scheduled for October 10, 2022.

4. Assessment criteria for the contest samples:

  • - Practical value of the innovation.
  • - Benefits for the economy of the enterprise and for the balance of working resources.
  • - Energy- efficiency enhancement and improvement of the ecological situation.
  • - Preservation of natural resources and increase of soil fertility.
  • - Minimization of security risks and facilitation of labor.

5. Gold and Silver medal

Gold medal – is awarded to the sample, which thanks to its concept is either in the position to perform absolutely new functions or is able to radically improve the already known processes.

Silver medal – is awarded to the sample, which is not an innovation by itself, but its application maximizes the efficiency of the processes.

6. Contest application

A Contest Application, which was timely submitted to the Organization Committee of the AGROSALON serves as a basis to participate in the Contest. A separated Contest Application shall be filed in for each unit of machinery/equipment.

The following documents are to be submitted along with the Contest Application:

  • - Photos of the farming equipment/technology – at least four per each item;
  • - Full description of innovative features of the equipment promoted;
  • - Test certificate or sheet (if available).

7. Requirements to Ccontest Application

The Contest Application must necessarily feature the full name of the candidate machinery/equipment, with its category, model, series, upgrade and a brief description of the innovative capabilities being made available in Russian and English.

A full description of the innovative capabilities of the candidate machinery/equipment and their relevancy to the technological processes is to be attached to the Contest Application.

All attachments shall be made available in Russian and English.

The photos that are submitted for the Contest Application shall clearly show the candidate machinery/equipment in whole and its innovative sub-assemblies/components etc. All submitted photos shall be of a good quality and sent in electronic form.

8. Confidentiality

The Exhibition Committee shall be held fully responsible for the security of all the documents that were submitted and guarantees confidentiality in respect of all the data that were provided for the Contest.

9. Address

Contest Application with all the mandatory attachments shall be sent to the AGROSAON Organizer no later than June 1, 2022.

Contest Application shall be sent to the following mail address: 121609, Moscow, Russia, Osenny Bulvar 23, Elizarova Alla

to the E-mail:

10.Contest Jury

The Organization Committee shall set up a Contest Jury which shall consist of individuals, who have:

  • - an independent, unbiased approach, objectiveness and professionalism;
  • - experts in the area of agricultural technologies;
  • - grand experience in the practical application of innovations.

All nominated candidates shall be assessed based on the requirements applied for the Gold and Silver Medals.

Gold and Silver Medals shall be awarded pursuant to the present Contest Provision no later than Jule 11, 2022. Contest Jury rulings shall be final and shall not be subject to any reviews. The Contest Jury shall not present a public report or provide any other justification for its decision.

11.Award Presentations

Contest participants shall be notified of the Contest Jury’s rulings no later than October 1, 2022.

The awarding ceremony shall be held on the AGROSALON 2022 gala evening, dedicated to the opening of the Exhibition.

12.Media Coverage

The Exhibition Organizer shall reserve the right to use the Contest results for advertising activities in support of the Contest and/or AGROSALON Exhibition by exploiting the graphic materials and the briefs of the winner-equipment’s innovative capabilities, with references to the manufacturer. Any additional use of date of the machinery/equipment, including the technical data, shall only be carried out upon the manufacturer’s consent.

Names of all the Contest awardees, descriptions and photos of the machinery shall be published in the informational materials of the AGROSALON 2022 Exhibition during the days of its conduction.

13.Awarding Set

Each award set shall include a medal and a diploma.


Any claims and litigations shall be dealt with in Moscow, Russian Federation.

The Exhibition Committee shall reserve the right to have the medals revoked should any provision related to the contending of the equipment’s descriptions or its capabilities happens to be breached.






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