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Dear friends!

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and myself, let me welcome you to the International specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery AGROSALON-2018!

The growth of agricultural machine building, like the agro-industrial complex as a whole, is among the priorities of the state economic policy of Russia.

Due to the close relations of the industry with other economic sectors, its development is an essential condition for the implementation of the industrial potential of our country.

The main tasks in the field of development of the agricultural machinery building is a significant increase in supply on the domestic and foreign markets, increase in investments, and the localization of production.

The international exhibition justly takes a worthy place among the world-renowned exhibitions of agricultural machinery. This year, the exhibition will again demonstrate the best developments of domestic and foreign engineers and designers to farmers.

I am sure that the busy business program of the exhibition will contribute to the active exchange of opinions on development of science and technology and the introduction of innovative technologies. I wish all the participants of the exhibition successful and fruitful work!

D. V. Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade
of the Russian Federation 

Dear colleagues and  friends!

Welcome to the International Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery AGROSALON!

This year the exhibition celebrates its 10th anniversary and will be the largest exposition of agricultural machinery in the history of Russia. For many years, AGROSALON has changed under the influence of economic and political factors to eventually become a powerful tool of the industry and indicator of development of agricultural machinery industry not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

AGROSALON is a kind of report and demonstration of the results of our huge joint work. This year, over 700 samples of innovative agricultural machinery and equipment will be demonstrated on the area of 70,000 square meters. Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers from 28 countries will offer numerous newly-designed products to Russian agrarians.

Traditionally, the exhibition will be accompanied by informative business program. Communication on such a unique site cannot be overestimated, that’s why I am sure that the event will bring practical benefits to visitors and will give impetus to new ideas.

Results of discussions will help to solve urgent problems of the industry and determine specific steps for development of the agro-industrial complex of Russia as a whole.

With all my heart, I wish you all productive work, high yields, good health and prosperity!

K. Babkin
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Association Rosspetsmash


Successful Development in the Russia’s Agriculture is based on Modern Technology 
Today’s modern agriculture undeniably depends on the implementation of the newest technologies. German manufacturers annually invest over 500 Million Euro in research and development of new products. Due to the steady improvement of the existing and inventing of the new technologies German manufacturers are among the leaders in almost every single segment of agricultural machinery. Inventions are based on the demands of the clients, professional farmers who carry on optimizing processes at their farming enterprises. German agricultural machinery means new technological approaches according to the unique conditions of every single farming enterprise. In the last years there has been a remarkable growth of the yields from a hectare in Russia. Progress achieved in agriculture including higher yields per hectare was a result of a systematic approach which includes selected seeds, intensive crop care and implementation of the new technologies by using modern machinery. Applying modern agriculture machinery Russian farmers increase their profitability, reduce their losses demonstrating that machinery is crucial in to manage the risks, but also have a chance to fully use the existing potential in agriculture.
Improving the situation in the Russia’s agriculture is by no doubt an important aspect of the cooperation between and Germany. Not of the less importance we regard the Win-Win partnership in the distribution, service and manufacturing of German machinery in the different regions of Russia. On the other hand, German companies establish new jobs in dealer, service centers and assembly plants, invest in the training of operators at the agricultural enterprises as well as personnel at dealers and contractors in Russia.
VDMA has been supporting AGROSALON since 2008 and really consider it the leading platform for modern ag machinery technology in Russia and the CIS. We are glad to welcome you at AGROSALON 2018, also at the “German Pavilion” which is officially supported by German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at
Dr. Bernd Scherer,
Managing Director of VDMA Agricultural Machinery





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