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Machines with the high quality mark AGROSALON

June 30, 2016 took place a regular meeting of the international jury of the independent professional innovative technology competition AGROSALON.
Because of the voting four gold and fifty silver medals were awarded...

To the country-wide AGROSALON!

The International Exhibition of agricultural machinery AGROSALON offers a special program for delegations of agricultural producers from all the regions of the Russian Federation.
Everyone can take advantage of the unique offer and, by gathering a delegation of fifteen agricultural producers, to visit the AGROSALON exhibition completely free of charge!..

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General Information Partners

Dear participants, visitors and organizers of the International Specialized Exhibition - AGROSALON 2016!

We all know that success of agricultural production largely depends on the staff professionalism, effective implementation and competent application of advanced technologies.

For 8 years, the International Exhibition AGROSALON provided a good opportunity to the agricultural experts to expand their horizons and professional skills, to exchange experiences, and to the manufacturers of agricultural equipment – to demonstrate the latest achievements in engineering. The elaborated business forum program includes broad discussion of ideas and initiatives of the world's leading experts in the field of agriculture. In addition, AGROSALON is proud to present its visitors with the exposition devoted to the agricultural machinery, and the world manufacturing leaders will demonstrate their new products and technological solutions.

I am convinced that AGROSALON will help to increase the rate of replacement of agricultural vehicle fleet and improve application of innovative technologies, will help to increase intersectorial cooperation required for getting agricultural produce and for the manufacture of specialized machines!

I wish all participants fruitful work and all the best!

Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation



Dear visitors of the AGROSALON exhibition!

The Russian Federation is a country of the huge industrial and agricultural potential. To keep pace with the times, timely replace and have a really powerful and modern technology it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest achievements of the world's agricultural machinery-producing industry.

The AGROSALON exhibition is a great opportunity to have a look at the future of agriculture, to become the witness of bright openings and demonstrations of advanced technologies, to discuss prospects of the industry development.

During its existence, the international exhibition AGROSALON has acquired deserved reputation and became a great opportunity for rural professionals in their efforts of building up and expanding professional knowledge and for designers of agricultural machines- in demonstrating fresh ideas and the latest achievements of engineering to the mainstream audience.

No doubt that a broad and open business dialogue between the participants and visitors of the exhibition will contribute to the strengthening of business ties and implementation of promising joint projects, to the modernization and competitiveness of the domestic agricultural machinery, to the successful development of the investment potential of the industry, to strengthening of interregional and international relations, as well as to the development of further mutually beneficial cooperation.

I am sure that the AGROSALON exhibition will have a positive impact on the rate and quality of the agricultural vehicle fleet renovation and provide access to farm managers to innovative agricultural technologies, will help to improve intersectorial cooperation required both to increase agricultural produce and manufacture agricultural machinery.

I wish all participants productive work and heavy yields!

President of the Rosagromash Association



Dr. Bernd Scherer, Managing Director of VDMA Agricultural Machinery welcomes the Participants of AGROSALON 2016.

Successful Development in the Russia’s Agriculture is based on Modern Technology/

Today’s modern agriculture undeniably depends on the implementation of the newest technologies. German manufacturers annually invest over 500 Million Euro in research and development of new products. Due to the steady improvement of the existing and inventing of the new technologies German manufacturers are among the leaders in almost every single segment of agricultural machinery. Inventions are based on the demands of the clients, professional farmers who carry on optimizing processes at their farming enterprises. German agricultural machinery means new technological approaches according to the unique conditions of every single farming enterprise. In the last years there has been a remarkable growth of the yields from a hectare in the Russian Federation. Progress achieved in country’s agriculture including higher yields per hectare was a result of a systematic approach which includes selected seeds, intensive crop care and implementation of the new technologies by using modern machinery. Even under severe conditions Russian farmers using modern agriculture machinery could reduce their losses demonstrating that machinery is crucial in to manage the risks.

Improving the situation in the Russia’s agriculture is by no doubt an important aspect of the cooperation between and Germany. Not of the less importance we regard the Win-Win partnership in the distribution, service and production of German machinery in the different regions of the Russian Federation. Your beautiful country is among the top export market for the German manufacturers. Overcoming the difficult period of time 2014-2015 we are observing a positive trend for imported machinery, but even more for locally manufactured machines of German brands. To add is that German companies invest in the training of operators at the agricultural enterprises as well as maintenance personnel at dealers and contractors.

The further development in the Russian manufacturers requires political and economic stability, favourable conditions for investors as well as an open dialog between manufacturing companies and customers. AGROSALON is unique opportunity for a constructive dialogue between manufacturers and Russian farmers. There will be various novelties displayed on the fair. We are looking forward to your visiting at AGROSALON 2016, also at the “German Pavilion” which is officially supported by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Yours sincerly,

Dr. Bernd Scherer






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