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Machines with the high quality mark AGROSALON

June 30, 2016 took place a regular meeting of the international jury of the independent professional innovative technology competition AGROSALON.
Because of the voting four gold and fifty silver medals were awarded...

To the country-wide AGROSALON!

The International Exhibition of agricultural machinery AGROSALON offers a special program for delegations of agricultural producers from all the regions of the Russian Federation.
Everyone can take advantage of the unique offer and, by gathering a delegation of fifteen agricultural producers, to visit the AGROSALON exhibition completely free of charge!..

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General Information Partners

Association «Rosspetsmash»

The Russian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers «Rosspetsmash» is a noncommercial organization that integrates companies for lobbying for interests of national special-purpose machinery manufacturing at public authorities, promotion of their products on domestic and foreign markets, development and examination of engineering standards and regulations, dealing with the issues related to the industry modernization and quality improvement for the machinery and equipment produced. Rosspetsmash Association consists of 156 enterprises, including the ones that produce agricultural machinery, road-building machinery, components, and food processing machinery.The membership in the Rosspetsmash Association means:

- Lobbying for the industry interests concerning production development, export, demand promotion, customs tariff regulation, R&D support when applying to public authorities and financial organizations. Contribution to the national machinery development, modernization of production facilities and quality improvement for the products manufactured.

- Assistance in promotion of the products of the national machine manufacturing companies on foreign markets. Cooperation with export development institutions. Organization of exhibitions, exhibit displays, information stands of Russian manufacturers abroad, holding business missions in foreign countries, participation in activities of intergovernmental commissions, international associations and unions.

- Organization of official visits of the government of the Russian Federation, governors and other officials to the industry sector enterprises; holding industry conferences, forums, general meetings of the Association members, AGROSALON exhibition organization.

- Development and examination of international, interstate and national standards, participation in the development and amendment of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, organization of work of Technical Committee 284 and its subcommittees.

- Release of more than 110 information products annually, organization of the industrial statistics collection from 90 enterprises on Rosagromash-Stat portal, drawing attention of the mass media and community to the issues of the industry sector development, informational and PR support for the Association and its members activities.


VDMA Association

German Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers VDMA is the largest association of machine manufacturing companies in Europe. Ramified structure of the branches of industry requires existence of 39 highly-specialized industry associations.

Industry association of agricultural machinery VDMA Landtechnik incorporates over 150 manufacturers of tractors, agricultural machinery, equipment, as well as manufacturers of separate components. Modern agricultural sector is inconceivable without new technologies. German manufacturers of agricultural machinery invest around 500 million Euro every year into the development of new technologies.

As a result of constant improvement of existing and introduction of new technologies German manufacturers of agricultural machinery achieved dominant positions in most sectors of machine-building. New developments are based on the demands of the customers, all of whom are professional agricultural goods producers.






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